Hurlingham Match – 8th August 2010

Rain threatened to disrupt our yearly outing at the Hurlingham club. With the horrible prospect of the Fantasians having to take to the field in the rain we opted to bat first and also take on what was rumoured a much improved Hurlingham side head on. What we subsequently found was a very strong bowling attack which I doubt many of us who played, come across during a season. Their best bowler came on first change and bowled 16 consecutive overs and their off-spinner was playing his 22nd match of the season!

There was brave rearguard stand by James Broderick (49) and a master class in playing fast bowling from David Reid that allowed us to mount a modest total of 143. The rain came and heavily. We were still very keen to give it a game even though it seemed that the opposition were less enthusiastic. Maybe their season, much like the current county circuit is too full which leads to lack of free Saturday afternoons!

We bowled with gusto and although they were obviously a far superior side we put our all into our bowling and fielding. Mo Verjee had an excellent 9 over spell and was rewarded with the wicket of their most aggressive batsman. Mention should also go to Simon Staverly-Smith who bowling his trade mark leg spin, took a fine wicket asking the batsman to defend forward only for the ball to turn dramatically, flummoxing the batsman into knicking behind to the keeper.

In the end with 4 wickets down Hurlingham secured the victory. We played valiantly and graciously in front of obviously superior talents and look forward to next year.

Team sheet: A Broderick, M Verjee, J Broderick, A Bell (c), J Allan, J Hope, C Whigham, D Merrifield, D Reid, I Picton, S Staverly-Smith.