Fants 6 a-side Competition

This was the third year that we have held the Fantasian 6 a-side competition and the first time that we had managed to get 4 teams (just). We changed the venue to the delightful ground at Buckhorn Weston with an even better pub and it resulted in probably the most even and competitive of the tournaments thus far.

There was a fine blend of youth and veterans (old knackers) with everyone contributing. The three teams were based around the families: Hussey, Howard and Malcolm (with Sandy monitoring from Baghdad through an American satellite). The fourth team was Sandpiper focused run by Anthony Hughes Onslow. Each team included a few talented young special guests (or ringers). It proved to be a very exhausting but satisfying day: all teams playing each other twice with 5 overs an innings. The result was decided at about 8pm with the Husseys defeating the Howards in the final match. This meant both teams ended level on points and honours even.

And what of the highlights? George Weyman scored more runs (86) and more sixes (6) than anyone else, but Max Austin Little (4), Chris Getty (3), Ed Hussey (3) and Robin Malcolm (3) struck some awesome blows. Max Austin Little, Roly Edwards and the veteran Hussey all took 4 wickets. There was one remarkable and unplayable over from Andrew Hussey when he moved it both ways off the seam. Jono Mills swooped around the outfield and was employed by more than one team. The champagne moment however was eventually getting Simon Ball to the wicket to bat where he was promptly run out without facing a ball. From the statistics below it was unusual that the old knackers performed better with the ball than with the bat but then all needed extended use of a pysio the next day.

The key performances are summarised below:


*Most Runs: Best Average*

G Weyman 86
R Edwards 68
C T-S 70
M Austin-Little 58
R Edwards 68
C Getty 64
R Malcolm 63
E Hussey 62
M A-Little 58
F Lowe 53
G Weyman 43
C Getty 32
E Hussey 31

Never out: F Ball and T Malcolm


*Most Wickets:

4 – M Austin-Little, A Hussey, R Edwards
3 – C T-S, J McPherson
2- T Malcolm, J Mills, J Howard, K Pelham, G Lintott, T Hussey

Best Average:
M A-Little 7.5
G Weyman 9
A Hussey 10.75
C T-S 17.7
R Edwards 18.25
J McPherson 23.3
J Howard 23.5
K Pelham 25.5
T Hussey 26