Fantasians vs Palmers Brewery – 17th July 2013

Thank you to 11 Fantasian heroes. In beating Palmers Brewery on Wednesday 17th July you gave me eight hours bragging rights against Cleeves Palmer at Lord’s the following day.

North Perrott is a glorious ground which we are lucky to enjoy. Although the batsmen gave us seven less runs than the 160 requested by the skipper there were some fine knocks from Jules Hill, Marcus Williams, and Banger. But it was in the field that we really excelled.

Rory McDonagh, Mike Chattey, and Mike Simon all contributed four overs for less than 18 runs apiece . Wickets were taken at regular intervals. Banger even spurning easy catches to claim the more lavish opportunities. Special mention must be made of Nico Macdonagh who kept wicket beautifully, stumping one off our opening bowler, his brother, and conceding perhaps one bye.

Palmers fought with brawn and keen eye to bring the match back into balance whenever we threatened to dominate. In a gripping last over we prevailed by a run to balance the series 3 all.

It was quite the best Fantasian team I have seen assembled. Congratulations to all and please give consideration to renewing this fixture at North Perrott next year.

Jules Hill, George Wissett-Warner, Mike Salmon, Andrew Younger, Marcus Williams, Rory Macdonagh, Nico Macdonagh, Charles O’Reilly, Peter Salmon, Tim Evans, Mike Chattey.